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Satellite radio is still a somewhat new concept to the modern world. Gone are the days of hopping in the car, turning on the radio and listening to endless commercials without even hearing a single song. Satellite radio is very similar to the concept of pay-per-view television. In exchange for a membership fee, you receive virtually commercial free programming specifically based on your desire.

Satellite radio companies own exclusive rights to certain content, including some sporting events. This means that the only way to hear a game being broadcast may be to subscribe to that service on satellite radio. The same is true of various other content, including the recent move of Howard Stern exclusively to satellite radio. His talk show will only be available through a paid subscription and will no longer be broadcast on regular television or radio programming.

Membership fees range from several dollars per month to several hundred dollars for a lifetime membership. The decision of how to pay is at the sole discretion of the consumer. If you plan to be a lifetime customer, and have the cash to spare, there is no doubt that a lifetime membership will pay for itself over time. If, on the other hand, you’re new to the concept and just want to try it out, many satellite radio companies offer a free trial or low monthly fees to get you started.

The concept of satellite radio derives from, as the name implies, receiving satellite signals to direct certain programming into a radio. This can be a portable gadget, such as a small radio, or it can be installed in your vehicle or even heard through satellite television. Satellite radio provides more than five dozen channels, also known as streams, of music and fifty-five channels featuring sports, news and entertainment broadcasting. Music offered includes virtually every genre and is available every day, all day and is commercial free. With a typical Sirius radio, the consumer will be able to see the song and artist information displayed on their digital screen while listening to the music.

Satellite radio is a new trend that is sure to become a permanent fixture in the industry. With technology making new advancements at every turn, more and more people will look to satellite radio for their listening pleasure. Everything from sports and entertainment to talk shows and music are becoming the exclusive property of this new technology. Companies compete for the best programming, offer multi-million dollar contracts for big name agreements and are spending the big bucks to ensure that people keep tuning in to their station.
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What is Satellite Radio

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This article was published on 2006/04/11